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Behavioural Recruitment: The easy way to get great participants for global research

Hugh Carling

Hugh Carling


Co-founder of Liveminds. I love to bring like-minded people together. Whether that's growing businesses, running online communities, staging events or captaining my village cricket team, nothing makes me happier than seeing people with a shared passion, coming together and making the most of it.

Online methods have made global research projects easier, faster and cheaper. However, our clients tell us that recruitment for global qualitative research is a hit-and-miss affair. Currently they have two options:

1. Traditional recruitment methods

These depend on personal networks which can work well locally, with very firmly established, regular relationships. But on a global scale, become too slow, too unreliable or too expensive – or all three.

2. Online recruitment panels

These sound great in theory, being cheap and fast. But you know what they say about cheap and fast… and sure enough in practice, researchers tells us that often panel participants don’t show up, do show up but aren’t who they say they are, or show up and give you the bare minimum because they are used to quick-fire quant studies.

The obvious solution

What if there was a living, breathing, global panel of people, that:

  • was 100X the size of the current biggest panels, giving access to two billion people across every single Internet-connected country?
  • had an unprecedented amount of live, demographic, interest and behavioural data with which to find the best people for you project?
  • was firmly based on the principle of ‘one true identity’ where unlike telephone / email addresses etc. it was extremely hard to create and maintain an effective fake identity?

You guessed it, there is!

Behavioural Recruitment™ powered by Facebook

Behavioural Recruitment is the solution – it’s been the world’s biggest, most far-reaching and most engaging, social network for many years. Not only does it have all the incredible attributes described above, but many of your clients have already invested huge sums in building up their own communities of customers.

Up until now you couldn’t recruit those people for research without a lengthy and convoluted process. For the first time, Liveminds can now find, screen and segment those customers for your private research community, without them ever having to leave Facebook. The technology is proving so successful, that in a recent case study for a global media brand, we received more than 2000 applicants for an online qual project in less than 24 hours (of which more than 500 met the required criteria). In another, we ran side-by-side comparisons with the best traditional recruitment and got even better results through Behavioural Recruitment.

Locally managed

This ground-breaking recruitment technology enables us to manage the whole process from here in the UK. We have simplified the process so you only have to deal with one local company – working in your timezone, truly speaking your language – to manage all your multi-market project recruitment. You can be sure that we’ll understand your needs and will find the very best people for your online qual projects.

Next level screening

Most recruiters rely on responses to a single creative question to decide how articulate and creative an individual is. Many don’t even ask that. Either way, researchers are left to rely on the recruiter’s interpretation, hoping that the chosen ones prove to be interesting and expressive.

Our method takes the pot luck out of recruitment for researchers. We can put a selection of successful applicants into a group and as you warm the group up with some introductory questions, and engage them in conversation, you’ll know which ones respond and interact best in an online group. You can then choose only the best to go into your ad-hoc project or long-term community.

If there is a good chance that they’ll be selected to participate in a paid project, you won’t need to reward people for this screening phase. This means you save money on recruitment fees and project incentives for weak participants and ensuring you spend your time working with the best.

The time is right to unlock the power of this incredible resource for global market research. If you are planning your next global brief, or simply want to understand more about what is possible, please get in touch.

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