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Get closer to your consumers

Liveminds is a simple, fast, low-cost qualitative research platform

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Engage your participants anytime, anywhere


In depth

Create and moderate conversations in a private, secure space :

  • Engages any participant instantly with its simple, elegant design
  • Gets richer, deeper insights – 300 words per person, per day
  • Fast and flexible with automated project management

In the moment

Capture thoughts and experiences on mobile:

  • Get context-rich insights you'd miss in interviews or groups
  • Easily share video, image and audio responses
  • Bring your insights to life to help decisions get made

What you can do


Host Conversations

In one-to-ones or groups.


Set Tasks

Follow your participants' stories.


Run Diaries

Get closer to consumer's lives.

Essential features


Mobile friendly

To understand real behaviour, you need to be there. Liveminds on mobile enables participants to capture any moment, anytime, anywhere. So if that critical moment comes in a supermarket, in a restaurant, at home with their family…you won’t miss it.


36 languages

Wherever your next global project might take you, we’ve got you covered. Our language packs enable you to host conversations with 4 billion potential participants. We’ve got everything from Spanish to Vietnamese already, but if you need something else, we can add it in a week.


Video capture

Pictures may say a thousand words, but ‘in-the-moment’ videos will truly bring your insights to life. Liveminds makes sharing videos quick and easy for your participants, helping you tell your story in the most compelling way.

Flexible features

Automated Management

Automated management

Rich Media Stimulus

Rich media stimulus

Agile Project Design

Agile project design

Ssl Security

A-grade SSL security

Custom Branding

Custom branding

Spotlight Analysis Tool

Spotlight analysis tool

1 Click Exports

One-click exports

7 Day A Week Support

Support 7 days a week

Easily apply it to any objective

You can run any type of asynchronous qualitative research project with Liveminds. Got a brief where you’re considering online research? Explore practical case studies to see how our platform can power your project.

What our clients think

Konrad Collao
We’ve been using Liveminds for years and have always been impressed by its flexibility - we have used it for almost any research task, be it browser-based or mobile. Participants of all ages and technical abilities have found it easy to use. What is more, the excellent and lovely Liveminds team are always on hand to help, though rarely needed. We’d recommend Liveminds to anyone willing to listen. Konrad Collao CEO, Craft

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