Mobile network operator explores customer satisfaction

The Challenge

Liveminds recently worked with a top market research agency to explore a mobile network operator’s customer satisfaction. The key challenge was to understand the views, expectations and experiences of the network operator’s customers regarding their services and brand.

The Solution

The Liveminds platform was used to run a two day online community with 24 UK-based participants.

Go Live

The Liveminds ‘Go Live’ project set-up service was used to ensure the smooth running of the project from start to finish. The service is particularly helpful for clients who are exceptionally busy or new to online research methods. The service includes setting up the research team and client users, adding participants, managing activation and login, and advising on and posting questions.

Research Activities

Participants were organised into groups based on their mobile contract type, this allowed researchers to set up some questions that were specifically relevant to each group without being influenced by others who had a different experience. The questions were set to unbiased, meaning participants had to answer the question before they were able to see others’ responses. This allowed researchers to access open and honest initial responses before participants interacted and refined their views in light of different opinions. 

A mixture of web and mobile app questions were used to utilise the benefits of both formats. Web questions were used when the researcher wanted people to spend more time reflecting on their experiences and providing longer written responses on larger devices. For example, participants were asked to search online and explain what they did and what they found, this was better suited to a web response.

Mobile app questions allowed participants to capture ‘in the moment’ feedback rather than trying to recall experiences after the event. In this project the mobile app was used for questions that required participants to upload stimulus such as photos and videos. To counter any issues with unreliable or slow internet connection the app allows participants to capture photos and videos offline and sync them to the platform at a later time. The final task included asking participants to upload a video of themselves summing up their experiences. 

The Results

The Liveminds platform helped to deliver a successful project for the research agency and client, uncovering a wealth of information around the client customers’ views, expectations and experiences. This research gave the agency the insight and knowledge required to make strategic recommendations to optimise the client’s customer experience. 


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