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Kathryn Topp
Liveminds is my Global Research Partner – they provide a way for me to find, reach and engage with participants in a cost effective way. Kathryn Topp Founder and Director, The Thinking Studio

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Our Story

The idea

In 1998, three student housemates staged a gig to an empty nightclub and swore they'd never work together again. Ten years later, over a fateful pizza, Tom explained to James and Hugh how he and other researchers were exploring taking focus groups online. Having worked online since leaving university, we were fascinated by this opportunity. Together, we imagined all the ways that we could help researchers gain richer insights from real behaviour by using online platforms. By the time the bill arrived, Liveminds had been born.

Solving researchers' biggest challenges

Since launching in 2010, we’ve listened to thousands of researchers at leading agencies tell us their biggest challenges. As an independent start-up, we’ve been able to focus absolutely on solving them. They told us they wanted a platform that was easy to use, so we designed Liveminds to be simple, but endlessly flexible and truly mobile. They told us ‘a project is only as good as its participants,’ so we created a new way to find the best possible people, anywhere in the world. They told us that global research was prohibitively complex and expensive, so we built an open network giving free access to local experts around the world.

Going global

Over the years our team grew from its roots in a small, picturesque village in the Hertfordshire countryside. Many of us were good friends before we started working together. Now, we’re partnering with more than 150 agencies, from London to Auckland and have a long history of successful projects in 60 countries. And we’re still every bit as inspired to help researchers as we were during that pizza.