Ad agency uses mobile video to see customers real lives

The Challenge

Liveminds recently helped VCCP, the award-winning international advertising agency, with their pitch for a popular retailer. The aim of the research was to explore the rational and emotional hooks and barriers to carrying out home improvement projects. The challenge was to get into the real world of customers, to really understand the psychology behind DIY and the emotions that surround successful, and unsuccessful, projects.

The Solution

The Liveminds platform allowed the agency to efficiently gather a series of mobile videos from participants around the UK. The videos took the researchers directly into customers’ homes to see their DIY efforts and hear their aspirations first hand. Studying the way participants talked about their home improvements revealed a wealth of insight into the emotions involved. The videos provided rich emotional context that was fed directly into the strategic and creative development of the advertising agency’s pitch.

The Results

Mobile qual research allowed the agency to get into the homes and minds of the customers. Something that face-to-face research could only do anecdotally. As with any pitch it is vital to demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the customer. The personal videos provided a vibrant, tangible illustration which brought the insight to life. In addition, the video submissions helped to minimise the cognitive biases that customers have when it comes to reporting back on feelings and behaviour.

Michael Lee
We were delighted with our first usage of Liveminds. We’ve been looking for a long time for an online platform which enables us to combine the best of smartphone capability and our qual research needs, whilst using more of an ethnographic methodology and Liveminds have cracked it. The platform is extremely easy to use and navigate both for respondents and for those viewing the content, the mobile video content was of sufficient quality to use in client presentations and made a huge difference in helping us to show our understanding of the target audience and deliver a great piece of pitch theatre. It’s all very cost effective too! Michael Lee
Executive Planning Director, VCCP


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