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Hugh Carling

Hugh Carling


Co-founder of Liveminds. I love to bring like-minded people together. Whether that's growing businesses, running online communities, staging events or captaining my village cricket team, nothing makes me happier than seeing people with a shared passion, coming together and making the most of it.

Researchers want to get closer to what the right people think, feel and do and this starts with effective participant recruitment. The challenges of recruitment and sample quality continue to be debated within the research industry and we’d love to hear what you think. 

Research on Recruitment 2018 is now closed

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Research on Recruitment 2018 report

The aim of the survey is to benchmark the views of qualitative researchers on the current state of research recruitment. The report will be shared with all participants and one lucky person will be randomly selected to receive £100.

The results will help us to recognise and understand the challenges faced by qual researchers, to explore opportunities for improving recruitment within the industry and to improve our services.