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Planes, trains and automobiles: how we find people for travel & transport research

Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson


Global Recruitment Manager at Liveminds. You can usually find me reading a book (or three) or perfecting my recipe for salted caramel brownies. I’m a sucker for a good board game and am happiest socialising with friends, either around the dinner table or down at the pub.

Do you need opinions on transport and travel for market research? We can help you find the right people for your online research based on their real behaviour.

Behavioural Recruitment finds people based on detailed insights on their behaviour on social networks and 10 million other connected websites. We’re able to hyper-target people who have shown specific interests in travel and transport and invite them to take part in your projects.

Planes, trains and automobiles

Over the last five years we’ve found thousands of people for travel, transport and tourism research projects in dozens of countries worldwide.

For example, we can find people who’ve recently returned from a trip or are likely to travel in the near future. We recently recruited 30 people aged 18-65, living in France, who had planned a trip to Europe in the previous 6 months that included rail travel. Participants were asked to record videos discussing their experience of researching train travel.

Or let’s say you want to target people with an interest in a particular mode of transport. Liveminds worked with a leading insight & innovation consultancy to carry out a project on behalf of a multinational telecommunications company. The consultancy needed to find 48 tech-savvy motorcyclists from Germany, Italy and the UK. The challenge was to find people who owned a motorbike with engine capacity of 250cc or higher, used their motorbike for long journeys at least once a week between April and October, and used location-tracking or bike performance apps.

Matching real consumer behaviours

Behavioural Recruitment uses big data on what people have actually done, rather than what they say they’ve done. Adverts are placed in the social news feed of hyper-targeted audiences based on their demonstrated behaviour, interests and demographics. Following this each applicant takes a screener to confirm their criteria, which ensures that only people who match the recruitment criteria are ever invited to take part.

Key advantages of Behavioural Recruitment

  • Found on social networks - using big data on real behaviour
  • In 190 countries - access 3 billion people worldwide
  • For online qual & quant - recruit highly engaged people

Some of our case studies

We’ve used Behavioural Recruitment to find high-quality participants for these travel, transport and tourism research projects:

  • Airline studies: A low-cost airline needed to find 66 participants from the UK, France and Italy (of which 20% had kids that they travelled with) who had bought leisure flights in the last month or were intending to buy a leisure flight soon, to discuss their experience of booking and flying short-haul for leisure.
  • Long distance commuters: A global advertising and marketing agency needed 20 participants from the UK to log their one-hour journey by car, train or plane.
  • A passion for travel: Liveminds recruited 300 travellers - a mix of family, solo, travelling with a friend, travelling with a partner - from Australia, the UK and the US. The challenge was to find people who had booked travel/accommodation online in the last 12 months or were likely to do so in the next 12 months to provide feedback on concepts and upload videos over a three-month period, which led to rich insights for a leading online travel agency.
  • Car sharing: A multinational ride-hailing company needed 12 participants from the US aged 25-64 who were regular users of car sharing services, ride sharing services, mass transit or car subscription services to take part in a two-hour focus group.

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