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Free QRCA webinar on the future of digital qual

Henry Dann

Henry Dann


Account Team Manager at Liveminds. As a keen traveller and sports enthusiast my free time is spent researching the next trip away or feeling disappointed in the stands of my beloved Arsenal F.C. I enjoy getting to know new people and building relationships on a personal and professional level.

Are you curious about the future of qual research? Please join me and five panelists from leading platform providers in the US and Europe for a free webinar hosted by the QRCA on 28th June 2019 at 12pm EDT. We’ll be discussing ‘The Next Generation of Digital Qual: Narrowing the Gaps vs. Traditional Methods’ and answering your burning questions about how you can take your market research to the next level.

You’ll learn about:

  • What online qual can do for you compared with traditional research methods
  • How to solve the gaps between client needs and actual online research capabilities
  • New digital tools and what makes them unique
  • The future of qualitative research and how we are positioned to offer value in the years ahead

You'll also be able to find out how our award-winning Behavioral Recruitment service provides you with fresh research participants matched from 2 billion people. It’s a radically different approach, powered by live social data.

  • Greater Reach - 100x the biggest global panels
  • Truly Representative - based on real, not claimed behavior
  • More Engaged - 47% more data than traditional recruits

If you’re interested in finding out more about the latest market research trends and innovative digital tools to inspire your methodology design, then this webinar is for you. Book your place via the QRCA website by 27th June.


QRCA is a global association of the world's most innovative, collaborative and passionate research professionals dedicated to maximizing the power of qualitative. I’m looking forward to sharing our experiences and discussing the future of qualitative research with other panelists. See you there!

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