Behavioural Recruitment revolutionises research participant recruitment

Hugh Carling

Hugh Carling


Co-founder of Liveminds. I love to bring like-minded people together. Whether that's growing businesses, running online communities, staging events or captaining my village cricket team, nothing makes me happier than seeing people with a shared passion, coming together and making the most of it.

We’re over the moon that Behavioural Recruitment has been named as the winner of the MRS Operations Award for Best Support Service!

The MRS judges said,

Liveminds have successfully tapped into social networks and search engines to revolutionise respondent recruitment. This works because of their use of profiling and targeting technology which accesses vast respondent pools and selects representative samples for each research study. Tens of thousands of respondents have already been recruited this way for several well-known research companies. This is a great example of a technology-driven and new approach to recruitment.

Behavioural Recruitment by Liveminds is a radically different approach to participant recruitment, powered by live social data on 2 billion people worldwide. We don’t have a database - we find fresh participants for every project.

How Behavioural Recruitment works

Behavioural Recruitment technology connects to social ad networks, such as Facebook, enabling Liveminds to hyper-target the participants needed for each individual project in 190 countries and then screen, manage and pay them for doing research with our clients.

The key benefits:

  • Greater reach - instant access to 100X more people than the biggest global panels
  • Fresh participants - people new to research, not conditioned repeat respondents
  • People are representative - potential participants are approached based on demonstrated rather than claimed behaviour, before going through a thorough screening process to ensure they fully match criteria
  • More data - participants are keen to talk about subjects they’re genuinely interested in and give 47% more data than traditional recruits - based on analysis of 35 million words on Liveminds online qual platform.

Adverts are placed in the social news feed of hyper-targeted audiences based on their demonstrated behaviour, interests and demographics. This ensures that only people who match the recruitment criteria are ever invited to take part. Interested people click through to a landing page, which gives more detailed information about us, the project and how the data will be used. If still keen, they go on to take the screener, which sits inside our application to minimise dropout. Applicants who pass the screener are reviewed and prioritised and the best are then further qualified with a comprehension, creativity and technical test. When the project ends, they’re digitally paid their cash incentive.

We also provide niche sample for quantitative studies around the world by incorporating client’s preferred survey tools into our application.

We’ve recruited tens of thousands of excellent participants for every kind of research project from face-to-face groups, to online surveys, to accompanied shopping trips. Our happy clients include Hall & Partners, Quadrangle Research Group and Kantar TNS.

Download Behavioural Recruitment case studies to see how we've "used technology to revolutionise participant recruitment”.

Until recently, finding ‘real people’ was a challenge, given the reliance on research panels and networks of relatively seasoned respondents. Liveminds innovative approach to sourcing truly real people based on real life behaviour has given our ‘real life’ angle a major boost. The speed in which we can execute studies adds to the sense of real time research and the quality of output we have received has been second to none: great quality videos from thoughtful and relevant people. We are looking forward to growing our collaboration significantly in 2018. Richard Owen, Chief Transformation Officer, Hall & Partners
Our experiences of working with Liveminds are always very positive, from their lightspeed turnaround of cost requests to their consistent ability to achieve unusual audiences we’ve found unreachable through traditional recruitment methods. Liveminds ability to work with our recruitment profiles and ensure that genuine, fresh participants are targeted from the online population means we know we can trust their recruits, and helps to ensure that their participants are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our clients’ products and competitors. Big thumbs up to the team and many thanks for all of your hard work and effort on our behalves. James Alliak-Howlett, Senior Project Manager, Quadrangle Research Group
The research industry is built on integrity so the quality of participants is vital. Increasingly I've heard clients complain about qual recruitment; they see the same person in different groups and question whether they're professional participants. That's why I'm a big advocate of Behavioural Recruitment. Liveminds finds people based on what they do, not just what they claim. They’ve found me fresh people - which one client said was a big reason for my selection. I've also noticed high participant engagement - they're more likely to be motivated by sharing their views than just the incentive. The team is responsive, full of integrity as well as transparency and I’d recommend them to anyone. Tom Woodnutt, Founder, Feeling Mutual

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