Toothpaste brand learns from product research

The Challenge

Liveminds recently worked with a leading market research agency on behalf of a popular toothpaste brand. The key challenge was to gain greater insight into participants’ relationship with the brand’s toothpaste and to develop a better understanding of their lifestyles in general.

The Solution

Liveminds platform was used to run a two-week project with 20 participants in the UK. 

Platform Branding

The platform was custom branded by the agency, this is beneficial in providing participants with a coherent experience, increasing their confidence in using the platform. It also allows the agency to offer a professional, consistent package to clients. 

Research Activities

A mixture of open and private questions were used throughout the project. One question asked about key moments in participant’s lives which influenced who they are today, this was set to private to ensure they felt comfortable sharing their thoughts in detail, knowing that only the researcher would read their response.

A number of questions were set to unbiased, meaning respondents could only see answers by other participants once they had given their own. This means participants’ initial responses are free from the influence of others but they are able to expand on their own and comment on other’s responses.

A mixture of web and mobile app questions were used to utilise the benefits of both formats. Web based questions are beneficial for in depth questions requiring more considered responses. For example, web based questions were used to ask participants about their views on the toothpaste brand and individual products, this ensured participants took more time considering and answering the different elements of the question. Mobile app questions enabled participants to capture responses ‘in the moment’, for example, participants created a photo diary for a day. To counter any issues with unreliable or slow internet connection the app allows participants to capture photos and videos offline and sync them to the platform at a later time. The mobile app allowed participants to easily upload photos and video, providing a greater level of insight and leaving researchers with a wealth of stimuli. 

The Results

The agency and client were delighted with the wealth of feedback about the toothpaste brand and products this project delivered, as well as about the participants themselves. The combination of group and private questions was particularly useful enabling participants to confidently and comfortably give detailed answers and upload personal stimulus such as photos and videos that were invaluable for the agency and client.

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Online Qual


Online Qual

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