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Leading fashion accessory brand explores trendsetters in major cities

The Challenge

Liveminds recently completed a multi-market participant recruitment project for Strive Insight, a London-based research and insight agency. The client, a popular fashion accessory brand, wanted to gain a better understanding of Gen Z and Millennial consumers in some of the world’s most influential cities.

The aim of the project was to find young and trendy Gen Z and Millennials living in specific cities, who beyond the basic demographics, stood out for being creative thinkers who challenge the status quo and think outside the box.

The challenge was to find 12 Gen Z and 13 Millennial consumers, from different professions or areas of study, who met the following criteria:

  • Live in Berlin, Beijing/Shanghai, Seoul or Tokyo (evenly spread)
  • Wear sunglasses on a regular basis (50% prescription eyeglass users)
  • Match specific style profiles
  • 50/50 gender split
  • Speak English

The Solution


The project involved using Behavioural Recruitment to find 25 English-speaking Gen Z and Millennial consumers in Europe and Asia.

The client specifically wanted to speak to edgy, trendsetting participants who matched one of the following style personas:

  • Creatives
  • Fitness fanatics
  • Influencers
  • Social activists/thinkers

Behavioural Recruitment allowed us to hyper-target the right audience based on their daily online activities and genuine interests. We used a range of different adverts, continuously testing the copy and creative that historical project data suggested would resonate with the desired audience.

Potential participants who matched all of the required criteria were moved into the qualification stage, where they were invited to take a detailed screener to make sure that they were truly representative. The screener asked lifestyle questions, such as which social issues, arts and sports they were most passionate about and what type of content they posted on social media to classify potential participants into the persona that most closely matched their style.

Each person who passed through the online screening stage was then contacted with a final creative task to establish their comprehension, creativity and technical ability. The participants who provided the best responses were selected to take part in the study.


Strive Insight ran a two-week online qual project to better understand the lifestyles of Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Participants were invited to join a private online group and were expected to commit two hours/week openly discussing various topics related to Gen Z/Millennial attitudes (e.g. fashion as an expression of their personality) and completing short tasks on social media, such as creating Pinterest boards about their personal style.

This project was the second phase of an ongoing research study (the first wave was a month-long project). The overall goal is for participants to join a long-term online community, which will allow the brand to continually stay in touch with their core consumers’ desires, needs and behaviours.

The Results

All participants were enthusiastic, interacting and communicating with each other to take insights to the next level, resulting in a wealth of information. The participants were particularly creative, outspoken and engaged in the tasks and discussions. This brought great clarity to the commonalities and differences that exist in the needs and behaviours of Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

Though these generations are not so distant age-wise, they each have their own buying habits. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation, the researchers gained a deep level of understanding of the Gen Z and Millennial consumer mindset and their relationship with fashion brands.

The agency and client were delighted with the quality of the insight the participants provided. The research helped the client understand how to capture the attention of their core consumers and connect with them by catering to their unique preferences, which is now a key focus of their communication strategy.

Catalina Ramos
Partnering with Liveminds for this project was a great decision. Their particular approach to recruitment using social networks provided a fast way to find high-quality participants. They helped us reach out to very specific profiles, as if they had been hand-picked, which was exactly the intention of the project. Catalina Ramos
Insight Consultant, Strive Insight

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