Health And Fitness App 1200

Vanilla Research

Discussing sensitive subjects for a health & fitness app

The Challenge

To find 64 people of different mixes for 8 focus groups, including:

  • Mothers of children aged 4-14 affected by allergies
  • Women aged 25-45 interested in fertility
  • Men & Women aged 20-45 who regularly use health apps for CRP levels
  • All to own and use iPhone 6 or above but not a +
  • All happy to complete a pre-task and attend a 2 hour focus group

The Markets

  • The UK - Bristol, London & Manchester

Alan Terry
I used Liveminds on a major project for a new client. The quality of the participants was excellent. Spot on recruitment, with talkative people willing to share very personal stories and react constructively. We got great output, the clients were delighted and we would definitely use Liveminds again. Alan Terry
CEO, Vanilla Research

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