Multi Market Research Recruit 1200

Multi-market Behavioural Recruitment for global snacking brand

The Challenge

Liveminds recently used Behavioural Recruitment to successfully find research participants for a well known global snacking brand. The client needed to conduct research into people's snacking experiences in the UK, Thailand, Russia and Mexico. They also needed the project to be presented in the native language of each market.

Who were the participants?

The client needed to speak to people living in the UK, Thailand, Russia and Mexico. In addition to this requirement, the potential participants needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Be the main food purchaser for their household
  • Either purchase the snacking brand frequently or hardly ever
  • Be from a mix of NRS social grades B/C1 to C2/D
  • Be a mix of men and women
  • Be from a range of different age groups
  • Be enthusiastic about carrying out the tasks required

What did the project involve?

The research team needed 18 people in each market to answer questions about their snacking habits, their lifestyles and their experiences of the snacking brand. Participants were also asked to upload photos and carry out some tasks.

Using detailed demographic and attitudinal targeting Liveminds was able to target potential participants in each of the four markets with Facebook adverts in their native languages. Over 50 different adverts were created to optimise the campaign by A/B testing imagery, creative and targeting. For example, one set was targeted at people who had the snacking brand registered as an interest on Facebook.

A creative question was used during the screening process to make sure that all the final participants were fully engaged in the process and able to express themselves well. Members of Liveminds local support called all the potential participants to do a final verification of their details, answer any questions and confirm their participation in the project.

The Results

This project was a challenging global recruit with three different languages in four different markets but, using Behavioural Recruitment, Liveminds was easily able to find fully engaged and enthusiastic participants who matched all the criteria for the research project.

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