Leading manufacturer improves employee satisfaction after research

The Challenge

Liveminds recently worked with a global market research agency and one of the UK’s leading manufacturing companies, to help with employee research. The challenge was to understand what makes a great place to work in order for the client to take action to improve employee satisfaction.

The Solution

The Liveminds platform was used to run a two-day online discussion with 24 UK based participants. Participants from all over the UK took part, the online methodology allowed easy access for people from their offices across the country, all interacting with each other as part of one central discussion group.

Platform Branding

The Liveminds platform was custom branded for the agency, this helped participants feel more comfortable with the platform as the branding was consistent across all communications.

Research Activities

Web questions were used as the researchers wanted people to spend more time reflecting on their experiences and providing longer, more considered written responses on larger devices. 

All questions were open and unbiased, so participants could see each others answers once they had responded themselves. The benefit of this is two-fold; a true, unbiased opinion is given initially by each participant, then after seeing others responses they developed their opinions further. Researchers were able to probe at any point during the discussion regardless of the question type. 

All questions were blocker questions, meaning each had to be answered before passing to the next. Typically participants respond to questions in the order shown but this approach ensures that they answer strictly in the order determined by the researchers.

The Results

The agency and client deemed the project a great success. The Liveminds platform worked well to encourage active participation, interaction and support amongst participants to deepen the learnings and build on hypotheses and ideas. The project successfully informed the client about what does, and doesn’t, make somewhere a great place to work and provided clear direction as to how to improve employee satisfaction. 


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Online Qual

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