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First-time mums highly engaged in consumer research

The Challenge

Liveminds recently worked on a very successful research project with leading consumer market strategists and a popular baby furniture brand. The key challenge was to understand the views, expectations and experiences of first-time mums as they went through the customer journey of planning their nursery and buying the furniture.

The Solution

Behavioural Recruitment

Liveminds was quickly able to find the relevant target audience using Behavioural Recruitment. Participants needed to:

  • Be pregnant (in second or third trimester) with their first child
  • Be aged between 25–35 years
  • Be based in the UK
  • Be design and style-led
  • Be health and wellbeing conscious
  • Demonstrate an interest in furnishing their baby’s sleeping space
  • Be enthusiastic about carrying out the tasks required
  • Be comfortable uploading self-taken photos of their homes

Download Behavioural Recruitment case studies to explore the advantages of the method, learn how it works step by step and discover how top agencies are using it in practical qual and quant case studies.

Go Live

The Liveminds ‘Go Live’ project set-up service was used to ensure the smooth running of the project from start to finish. The service is particularly helpful for clients who are exceptionally busy or new to online research methods. The service includes setting up the research team and client users, adding participants, managing activation and login, and advising on and posting questions.

Research activities

A mixture of web and mobile app questions were used to find out how first-time mums shop for their nursery furniture, where they go, the brands they use and the brands that excite them. Mobile app questions allowed participants to capture ‘in the moment’ feedback rather than trying to recall experiences after the event. This worked particularly well when asking what the participant’s nurseries looked like and what they thought of the client’s website.

The mobile app allowed participants to literally invite the researcher into their homes and share their experiences with them. Participants were encouraged to be creative and upload pictures, videos or sound files which brought their posts to life and provided rich outputs for the end client. To counter any issues with unreliable or slow internet connection, the app allows participants to capture photos and videos offline and sync them to the platform at a later time.

Web questions were used when the researcher wanted people to spend more time reflecting on their experiences and providing longer written responses on larger devices.

The researcher asked participants to carry out four tasks over a week, including getting to know more about their style, their dream nursery, their priorities and how they felt about their favourite and least favourite baby furniture brands.

All questions were private, so participants could only see their own responses and replies from the researcher. This elicits more open, in depth answers when covering sensitive topics, ensures participants feel comfortable uploading photos and videos of their homes and avoids any biases from seeing others’ responses.

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The Results

The researcher was really pleased with the participants that were recruited as they were highly engaged - one participant was happy to log into the platform to complete her final task within hours of giving birth!

The researcher was able to get a real sense of what goes through participants minds at different points throughout the customer journey and how they felt about the client brand. The researcher presented a compelling story to the client and brought the insight vividly to life with videos, photos and screenshots showing the rational and emotional factors that influence how first-time mums plan and buy for their nurseries. 

Download Behavioural Recruitment case studies to explore the advantages of the method, discover how it works step-by-step and learn how top agencies are using the method.

Download Behavioural Recruitment case studies

See how top agencies are using Behavioural Recruitment in practical qual and quant case studies and learn how it works step-by-step.

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