Exploring advertising creative development for global video game company

The Challenge

Liveminds recently worked with a top market research company, specialising in media and marketing communication, and one of the world’s largest video game companies, to help with creative development. The challenge was to explore people's opinions on potential adverts for a new product launch.

The Solution

The Liveminds platform was used to run a two-day discussion group with 30 participants in the UK.

Platform Branding

Liveminds branding was used on the platform, rather than custom branding as the researcher didn’t want to reveal the client to the participants.

Research Activities

The project involved showing people a number of video clips and asking several questions about each clip. The researcher chose to use web only questions, rather than web and mobile app, as this encourages users to view them on larger screen devices which are better for  viewing stimuli such as ad creative. People also tend to give longer responses when using larger devices.

Blocker questions, where people can’t continue to the next question until they have responded to the previous ones, were used at different points within the project. This meant the researcher was able to ensure people gave responses to early stimuli before being influenced by later versions.

All questions were set to unbiased, meaning people could only see other’s responses once they had given their own. This allowed people to give their own instinctive initial thoughts before commenting and building on the group's responses.

The Results

The unbiased group questions and use of researcher probes enabled useful insights to be drawn from people’s responses to the new product and proposed advertising campaigns. The market research company confirmed that “The client was very happy with the results” and that it had a significant influence on the creative development process.


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