Cultural study with Jewish network inspires creative projects

The Challenge

Liveminds recently worked with an opinion research and strategic consulting firm on a fascinating cultural study in the US. The challenge was to understand what members of a Jewish creative network thought about being Jewish and how creative projects could be developed to spark the interest of young Jewish people and the wider community.

The Solution

The Liveminds platform was used to create an online discussion group with 30 US-based participants over four weeks. 

Go Live

The Liveminds ‘Go Live’ project set-up service was used to ensure the smooth running of the project from start to finish. The service is particularly helpful for clients who are exceptionally busy or new to online research methods. The service includes setting up the research team and client users, adding participants, managing activation and login, and advising on and posting questions.

Platform Branding

The project was custom branded for the agency, this provided participants with a consistent experience from application to completion and increased their confidence in using the platform.

Research Activities

As this project really wanted to dig deep into cultural identities as well as gain responses to a number of creative projects, the researcher needed to encourage a high level of engagement. However, questions were set to open which allows participants to view and comment on each others posts thereby generating discussion and further development of ideas and opinions. Questions were all set to unbiased so that participants had to answer the question before being able to see other responses. This ensured the researcher accessed open, honest responses unaffected by other participant’s views, yet still benefited from later interaction and discussion. 

A mixture of web and mobile app questions were used to utilise the benefits of both formats. Mobile app questions allowed participants to capture ‘in the moment’ feedback rather than trying to recall experiences after the event. To counter any issues with unreliable or slow internet connection the app allows participants to capture photos and videos offline and sync them to the platform at a later time. The mobile app allowed participants to literally invite researchers into their homes and share their thoughts and experiences with them. Web questions were used when the researcher wanted people to spend more time reflecting on their experiences and providing longer written responses on larger devices.

The Results

The Liveminds platform worked well to facilitate an insightful open discussion into Jewish cultural identity. Participants were fully engaged with the project, giving long, detailed responses and interacting with other participants to discuss, debate and refine their opinions. The client gained a wealth of insight into Jewish culture as well as feedback regarding engagement with potential creative projects.


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