Behavioural Recruitment For Research

How Behavioural Recruitment for research works

Hugh Carling

Hugh Carling


Co-founder of Liveminds. I love to bring like-minded people together. Whether that's growing businesses, running online communities, staging events or captaining my village cricket team, nothing makes me happier than seeing people with a shared passion, coming together and making the most of it.

Behavioural Recruitment is a radically different approach to research participant recruitment, powered by live social data on 2 billion people worldwide.

We don’t have a database - we find fresh participants for every project who:

  • Genuinely match your criteria based on demonstrated behaviour
  • Are qualified in a 3-step process
  • Give 47% more data than traditional recruits

Download Behavioural Recruitment case studies to see how top agencies use the method in practical qual and quant case studies and learn how the method works step-by-step.

We never add people to a database to be contacted about future projects and we never sell on any personal information. We’ve recruited tens of thousands of excellent participants over the last few years. Each has been financially rewarded for sharing their views on subjects that they’re genuinely interested in, for every kind of research project from face-to-face groups, to online surveys, to accompanied shopping trips.

Our clients say…

I used Liveminds on a major project for a new client. The quality of the participants was excellent. Spot on recruitment, with talkative people willing to share very personal stories and react constructively. We got great output, the clients were delighted and we would definitely use Liveminds again. Alan Terry, CEO, Vanilla Research
Sourcing real people based on real behaviour has given our ‘real life’ angle a major boost. The speed we can execute studies adds to the sense of real time research and the quality of output has been second to none: great quality videos from thoughtful and relevant people. Richard Owen, Founder & CEO, CrowdLab
Our experiences of working with Liveminds are always very positive, from their light speed turnaround of cost requests to their consistent ability to achieve unusual audiences we’ve found unreachable through traditional recruitment methods. Big thumbs up to the team and many thanks for all your hard work and effort on our behalves. James Alliak-Howlett, Senior Project Manager, Quadrangle

Download Behavioural Recruitment case studies

See how top agencies are using Behavioural Recruitment in practical qual and quant case studies and learn how it works step-by-step.

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