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Get Ahead of the Field With Our Partner Program

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Hugh Carling


I love to bring like-minded people together. Whether that's growing businesses, running online communities, staging events or captaining my village cricket team, nothing makes me happier than seeing people with a shared passion, coming together and making the most of it.

Is your agency really ready to win business and deliver great results in 2013 with online + mobile qual?

Liveminds’ new Partner Program is a bespoke 6 month course of workshops, training, consultancy and creative support, to help you do lots more of that. We will fast track your agency’s online + mobile offering and ensure all your key people are ready for this new era in our industry.

Program Structure

The exact structure of your program, beyond the workshop, is defined by your needs and the upfront planning session. This can be adapted and optimised if your needs change over time.

Program Leaders

We’re very happy to announce that Tom Woodnutt, an independent conversation strategist that has trained many leading UK research agencies and brands, since moving on from his role as Director of Innovation at Hall and Partners, will be joining myself, Hugh Carling, co-founder of Liveminds, as a program leader.

We will be supported by other very experienced figures from the industry, both on agency and buyer side, to give you everything you need to make the most of the big new opportunities out there now.


The services you choose based on the plan we create can be any or all of the below.

Stage 2. Preparation

Stage 3. Action


There will be two packages on offer to suit your agency’s budget- Platinum and Gold.

  • Platinum will give you the Workshop + 70 hours of our time + Debrief
  • Gold will give you the Workshop + 30 hours of our time + Debrief

Both these Packages are sure to accelerate your agency’s adoption of new methodologies and technologies and help you build for a strong future in a fast changing industry. Furthermore, they are fairly priced so that a single project win could recoup your investment. From then on, the sky is the limit..

Find out more

For further information, prices or to meet up to discuss how this would help your agency get ahead of the field, call Hugh Carling on +44 207 873 7270 or get in touch today.



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